Monday, November 5, 2012

Prolonged smartphone battery life could be possible!

Anybody who uses smartphone nowadays are particularly frustrated with fast-draining battery upon heavy usage. While most of the smartphone technology has grown progressively better, battery remains among the biggest setback of all.

However, smartphone users will be pleased to hear that a team of researchers at Massachusetts-based startup Eta Devices have reportedly found a way to reduce battery consumption by half! Among the most wasteful power drains on a smartphone battery is the power amplifier -- a chip used to convert electricity into radio signals and maintain handsets' connection to a wireless network. This particular power amplifier wastes approximately 65% of handsets' power and therefore cause a smartphone to heat up upon streaming video or uploading large files.

Realizing that problem, Eta Devices has redesigned the power amplifier using a new technology called "asymmetric multilevel outphasing". This technology brilliantly chooses the minimum voltage necessary to maintain a connection, updating as often as 20 million times per second to ensure the highest efficiency.

With the new chip, this is certainly a technological breakthrough for the smartphone industry as well as users who have been longing for quite some time.

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