Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where's the juice?

Every year, mobile industry has expanded further in term of developing better and features-packed smartphones. You name it – more megapixels, faster processors, more apps, and many other higher spec components. But for all the advanced technology that today’s smartphones are able to achieve into greater heights, we still suffer from the same old poor battery life. How ironic, right?

The problem with today’s features-packed smartphone is that the battery life is easily drained by all the demanding applications. Even the two recent flagship smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5, lasted only at an average time of 7 hours over continuous surfing, social networking, downloading, call and so on.

So, when are we going to get a smartphone where the battery juice can last more than a day over heavy usage of multiple apps? Only time will tell and all the smartphone users can do to improve the battery juice at the moment, is through saving method. I know it sounds absurd, because I have a friend who used to say to me: “What good it does if you bought a high-end smartphone but you can’t utilize all the features just because you want to save up the battery?” My friend has a point, but then again, you have to admit that today’s smartphones still doesn’t offer the best of both worlds. It’s either you need to bring along your charger or your portable charger wherever you go to keep your phone alive.

Now back at the saving method. I’m sure a lot of smartphone users know the tips, but here goes anyway:

a) Wi-Fi

Turn off Wi-Fi service if you’re not in use. That is because whenever your Wi-Fi is enabled and the service keeps detecting for something to connect to, the battery drains faster.

b) Focus on certain tasks that matters the most

Smartphone users tend to multitask a lot with their device. You know, open Facebook, chatting with friends via Whataspp, watching video on YouTube, and play mobile game – all at the same time. All the apps you have open on your smartphone has no doubt using a lot of battery juice. So focus only on what matters to you the most. Close unnecessary applications to keep them from draining your battery fast.

c) Use auto-brightness or dim the brightness

Bright screen certainly looks great with its crystal-clear display, but they are one of the huge factors that can drain your battery. To prolong your smartphone’s life, set the option into auto-brightness. Alternatively, you can dim the brightness of your screen as well.

d) Vibrations

Whether you realize it or not, using vibrations can drain more battery power for your smartphone than it does to ring. Use this function sparingly (e.g. when watching movie at a cinema), and switch it back to ringtone can help extend battery life.

e) Switch it off if not in use

We all know that smartphone has become part of our lifestyle. Switching it off might sounds like too much for those who rely on this communication device a lot. But really, doing so can actually help you save more battery than leaving it on sleep or inactive mode. So, if you’re not going to touch your smartphone for an extended period of time (e.g. sleeping), just simply switch it off.

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