Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simplify cross-platform development for Apple iOS and Google Android with Icenium!

Icenium is actually stands for "Integrated Cloud Environment". With this new platform, iOS and Android developers are able to build mobile apps on their local machines, while compiling to the iOS and Android runtime is done in the cloud. Here's what Doug Seven, spokesperson for Icenium, had to say about the platform below.

"It enables you to focus on the content of your application without the headache of managing multiple SDKs and development environments. With Icenium you can use Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or even device operating systems, like iOS on an iPad, to build hybrid applications that are distributable through the app stores, and run natively on iOS and Android devices."

For more information about Icenium, go to http://www.icenium.com/mobile-app-platform

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